Flax chia seeds from Harrington farms

Flax chia seeds from Carrington Farms

Why flaxseed?

Flaxseed may have the power to reduce heart disease, cancer and diabetes. There are three primary reasons why flaxseed is so awesome:
It contains omega-3 essential fatty acids. And that’s good fat we’re talking about. Omega-3s can lower your triglycerides, battle against depression and improve your cardiovascular health.
Fiber, fiber, fiber. Flaxseed gives you a double-whammy of fiber because it contains both the soluble and insoluble kinds.
It has antioxidant qualities, thanks to the lignans it contains (and a lot more of them than other plant foods!).
From a taste perspective, it can add a delightful nuttiness to just about any recipe.

How to use it

Flax is super versatile, and make for a great addition to everything from baked goods to meatballs.

Here are my recommendations:
Add a spoonful to your morning or pre-workout smoothie.
Sprinkle it into your yogurt, hot cereal or oatmeal (check out this yummy flax oatmeal recipe!
Add it to baked goods like muffins, cookies and bread recipes (here’s a tasty one). You can also use it as an egg substitute in some recipes.
Include it in ground beef recipes, like meatloaf, meatballs and meat lasagna.
Make your own pizza dough? Add some flax!
Sprinkle it on cooked vegetables to add a unique flavor.
How to store it

As convenient as it may be to buy the pre-ground kind, be aware that it’ll go bad faster than the whole seeds. If you don’t mind grinding your own, a coffee grinder or blender will work just fine.

Store flaxseed in a cool, dark and dry place like the fridge or freezer. If you transfer it to a different container, make sure it’s opaque and air-tight.



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