Bed Bug Defense by Exterminators Choice


When it comes to bed bug spray I am very skeptical because bed bugs are really hard to get rid of with out professional help.
I have tried so many different kinds of bed bugs spray and they helped, but just to keep them away which is awesome.
Bed Bug Defense by Exterminator Choice is a good product to keep them off your bed and furniture, but if you have a big out break this stuff will not help.
I would also spray in a very well ventilated room because I was spraying in my bed room and it was very suffocating. If you have breathing issues I would not use.
I got this product for free in exchange for an honest review.

*Professional exterminators have relied on Exterminators choice bedbug defense for many years. These proven ingredients kill and repel adults, nymph, and eggs.
Bedbug defense is the perfect tool for eliminating or preventing all types of bedbug infestations. Safe to use on mattresses, headboards, box springs, carpeted areas, and other types of furniture.

* 00325% clove oil.  00275% peppermint oil.  002% thyme oil. 002% rosemary oil 99.99% distilled water.


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