Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor by VTech


Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor by Vtech is a new product that Vtech sent me to test out. So far the look of the two owls are adorable and very sleek.
It is Fact 6.0 technology which provides 1000 feet of range using secure digital transmission.
Vibrating sound alert get silently downloaded a sound from your baby.
Talk back communicate with you baby from the parent unit .
There is a nightlight feature on the baby unit, where the eyes lights up.
There is a belt clip on the back of the vehicle so that way you can take advantage of the extended range and reachable batteries of the safe and sound Audio Monitor by clicking on the parent unit using the belt and belt clip. It has a large backlit display did your transmission providing Superior security and sound quality no annoying White Noise. Two-way communication between the parent unit and baby in it TalkBack feature. 5 level sound indicator rechargeable battery included in the parent unit vibrating sound alert on the parent unit also. You will have a piece of mine anywhere anytime.
What I like about the heck is that VTech is going green the packaging is 1/2 percent recyclable and utilizes a non-toxic Aqueous Inc coding. This product also complies with rohs directive that restricts the use of hazardous substances such as lead Mercury, and Cadmium.
I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.





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