Pact Fruit Infusion by Ocean Spray

Pact Fruit Infusion by Ocean Spray

This juice is a new product from Ocean Spray. I got this product for free during Kroger’s Friday Freebie. I am excited about this new juice because this one involves Cranberry Contract + Fruit Juice Hydration. 

Cranberries are packed with PACS.

PACS are Proanthocyanidins (PACs) are powerful elements found in cranberries that help to cleanse and purify your body. By adding PACs to real fruit juice and purified water,- one with a fraction of the sugar and calories. A great-tasting way to hydrate, that helps you and your get more out of what you drink.

I give this juice two thumbs up because PACS from the juice of 50 Cranberries, No Artificial Flavors, Non-GMO, and Sweetened by a natural source- only 30 calories.

You can pick yours up at Kroger’s.​


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