Bombee Honey Mask

Bombee Honey Mask is a delicious way to feed your skin with Propolis Extract “Honey” which is a good moisturizer that nourished your face as it makes your skin smell and feel so good.

when you first open the package the first thing that you will notice is the scent that hits you hard but in a very good way because the honey scent smells so good. I love that how it makes your skin feel so soft and smell so good.

I love how this mask was made also because it came out of the package  so easily without tearing it and it was so easy to apply to my face.

 you have to leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes so that way to make sure that the honey would hit your face all over as will as below your chin.  I would love to get this as gifts for all the women in my family because this would be perfect for those days that they want to pamper themselves.

My skin is glowing now and it feels so soft and moisturized. I love how this makes me look now. I can have the confidence now to know that I can use this product without worrying if I am a going to break out or it wont work.

if you want more information I posted the link to the website up above or you may even want to purchase.

I received this product for free in exchange for my unbiased review.


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