Natural Diatomaceous Deodorant

Are you all about using natural ingredients in yoru home, rather its for cooking , cleaning or making your house smell good?

I love the thought that Opernee took Diatomaceous and turned it into A natural deodorant with out the harsh chemicals that some house fragrances releases. This product is good to put around your trash cans or in the bath room .

I placed this one over my trash can and we have not had any smells or odors coming from it.

Biologica Diatomaceous Deodorant selet natural diatom materials, and applied name antibacterial high technology, the effction hundreds time of active charcoal.

Meanwhile, as the diatom material without any toxic,which often use at the food bottle cover and daily-use commodities, it based on the principles of physical degradation and ion exchange, you can use it as long lasting and strong removal of odor in the space like the car, and small spae interior, study room , and other peculiar smell.

For more information about this product or too make this yourself follow this link


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