Boxed Water


When I first heard of boxed water , I thought that it was a very silly idea, but the company sent me a coupon to try this product out and I have to say, I absolutely love it because when you first taste it, it tastes so crisp like drinking from a crisp clear stream. 

Their propriety in their multi-step purification and quality assures the process delivers the purest hydration and free of any contaminants. Their box is a sustainable option, 74% of it is paper made form trees, a renewable resource , not just good for you but for the planet also.

The trees comes from a well managed forests where new trees are planted to replace the one used.

The also donate 1% of the proceeds toward reforestation and world water relief.

I will be adding this to our diet more often because my motto is you take from the earth , you should also give back and this is what this company does.

If you would love to learn more about their products please visit Boxed Water Is Better.


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