SOO AE Face Mask


This company SOO AE does not disappoint when it comes to their masks and I will tell you why. When you put on a mask , you expect your skin to feel soft and supple. That is what you get with this companies masks. 

This mask has Green Tea on it so you know you are getting the real kind of cleanse that your face needs.

If you are like me I love knowing the info about each face mask and I am a going to share it all with you. 

Collagen: a vital structural component in the skin: plump and smooth appearance of a youthful complexionis a result of healthy levels. It is important skin element and as skin care ingredient moisturizes and protects by preventing the break-down of skin cells that lead to loss of elasticity and sagging. 

Designed to fit comfortably on the contours of the face, this collagen infused sheet mask is a simple, effective and convenient solution to instantly replenish skin with hydration and slow aging for beautiful and supple skin.

Tencel  is an eco-fruendly lyocell fiber developed and extracted from the cellulose of raw wood with outstanding absorption and transport abilities. The fiber was specially developed for use in face masks, and hugs the skin providing excellent delivery of skin care lotions and formulas.

For more info on this product please visit SOO AE


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