Shout Color Catcher

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Are you tired of your colors bleeding onto your whites? Try Shout Color Catcher . Just throw one sheet  into your washing machine and watch as it catches the colors and not your white clothes.

This is safe use with all fabrics and in all temperatures. Make sure you don’t over load your machine. Cotton, darks and red fabrics are prone to color runs. For maximum effectiveness on items with poor colorfastness, use 2 or 3 sheets. Effectiveness cannot be guaranteed when large quantities of dye run from non-colored garments. Certain large dark colored items (Such as towels) should always be washed separately. 

For best results, do not leave wet clothes in ashing machine or laundry basket as dye transfer can occur.

For more info on this product click HERE.

This was just a sample and in no way do I work for S.C. Jonson & Son.


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