Barbeque shredder and gloves


Barbeque Shredder and Gloves
HIGH-QUALITY SILICONE GLOVES – Kitchen-Lot’s pair of silicone gloves are heat-resistant up to 425 degrees Fahreheit and are safe for removing hot items from the oven or barbeque or using in a cold environment. Perfect for handling frozen foods or extremely hot meats, ceramic dishes, pans, or pots. These gloves are so strong you can use them to grip a jar when opening a tight lid.

HIGH-QUALITY SHREDDER CLAWS – Perfect for pulling pork, shredding chicken, lifting turkey, tossing salads, and more! The comfortable ergonomic handles with enough space between the prongs and handle keep your fingers out of the way and safe. Not limited to just shredding meat, you can slice tomatoes, bread, onions, and even watermelon.

SAFE & EASY TO USE – Made with FDA approved food-grade silicone and durable black hard plastic, the gloves and pulling claws are dishwasher, microwave, oven, and freezer safe and are BPA free. To clean these utensils, put them in the dishwasher (preferably top rack) or wash by hand with a liquid detergent and air dry, and they look as good as new.