Toryen Eco-Friendly Cleaning Cloths


                                                                                      The only rag you’ll ever need!

I am so happy that I got to test out the Eco-Friendly Toryen Cleaning Cloth. I have been bringing more eco friendly products into my home and this product is perfect for my cleaning routine.
The toryen eco-friendly cleaning cloth does exactly what it is suppose to do, when I put this cloth compared to other cleaning cloths this one did not let me down.
This cleaning cloth did not leave no smudges or dust behind, now when I used a regular cleaning cloth all it did was pushed the dust around and left unsightly smudges.
Toryen eco-friendly cleaning cloth is made up of barely visible fibers which are tightly woven together. The fibers create many tiny pores that grab the yuck you are wiping up instead of pushing it around like other cleaning cloths.
                                                                                                   Toryen is …
                                                                                 washer safe.             Streak free
                                                                                  Dryer Safe.                 Scratch free
                                                                                   Bleachable safe.      Lint free
                                                                                    Reusable.                   Residue free


                                                                                       Toryen Removes…
                                                                                   Dust.               Dirt.           Soap scum
                                                                                    Residue.        Grime.       Fingerprints
                                                                                    Grease.            Smears.   Stickiness


“Do not use Fabric Softener or Dusting Agents”

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