Odor Eliminator by Febreze


Odor Eliminator by Febreze
This new product by Febreze is a really good addition to add too your regular clothes detergent. It now has 3x more Freshing Power to fight smells in your laundry. I love using this because it helps with sweat, mildew, food, pet, and smoke. You can get this at any store near you.
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Toryen Eco-Friendly Cleaning Cloths


                                                                                      The only rag you’ll ever need!

I am so happy that I got to test out the Eco-Friendly Toryen Cleaning Cloth. I have been bringing more eco friendly products into my home and this product is perfect for my cleaning routine.
The toryen eco-friendly cleaning cloth does exactly what it is suppose to do, when I put this cloth compared to other cleaning cloths this one did not let me down.
This cleaning cloth did not leave no smudges or dust behind, now when I used a regular cleaning cloth all it did was pushed the dust around and left unsightly smudges.
Toryen eco-friendly cleaning cloth is made up of barely visible fibers which are tightly woven together. The fibers create many tiny pores that grab the yuck you are wiping up instead of pushing it around like other cleaning cloths.
                                                                                                   Toryen is …
                                                                                 washer safe.             Streak free
                                                                                  Dryer Safe.                 Scratch free
                                                                                   Bleachable safe.      Lint free
                                                                                    Reusable.                   Residue free


                                                                                       Toryen Removes…
                                                                                   Dust.               Dirt.           Soap scum
                                                                                    Residue.        Grime.       Fingerprints
                                                                                    Grease.            Smears.   Stickiness


“Do not use Fabric Softener or Dusting Agents”

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Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent


I have started using Earth friendly products in my home and so I started with 7th generation. I love Seventh Generation products because they are made with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals are involved. Another thing I love about this company is they do not test their products on animals and they don’t really add any sense to their products so your skin will not get irritated with their products.
So when I decided to start buying Seventh Generation products but one thing that I was looking for was plant-based chemicals that way you know that your products don’t have harsh chemicals in them but is based on plants.
So the one thing I’m wanting to talk about it is the 7th generation Ultra Power Plus with added plant text Dane lifting enzymes laundry detergent. This laundry detergent that has 54 Lowe’s of detergent inside of it it goes for $12.90 at Krogers which it is pricey but it is well worth it now though this company’s Moto is caring today for seven generations of tomorrow.
Their promise to you it works formulated with plant tech for 25% more stain fighting Power to tackle our broadest range of stains. Deep cleans dirt and leaves clothes fresh and clean.
It’s natural USDA certified biobased product 97%.
We Care clinically proven hypoallergenic. Non-toxic, biodegradable formula contains no dyes comma synthetic fragrances or Optical brighteners.
Plants are powerful, so say goodbye to those impossible things thanks to the science of plant Tech, our proprietary blend of advanced plant-based enzymes. This ultra-powerful stain fighting formula deep cleans to remove a broadest range of things and leave your clothes fresh and clean. All that cleaning power, and it’s hypoallergenic and non-toxic too!
If you are looking to make your house tomorrow Earth friendly Greener Place go to your nearest grow Kroger and pick up a bottle of their dishwashing liquid the clothes liquid in the cleaning supplies. I would highly recommend this product.
I receive this product for free in exchange for my honest review I do not work with the 7 generation no do I get any money from them to try their products are all my reviews are based on my honest opinions.