Bombee Honey Mask

Bombee Honey Mask is a delicious way to feed your skin with Propolis Extract “Honey” which is a good moisturizer that nourished your face as it makes your skin smell and feel so good.

when you first open the package the first thing that you will notice is the scent that hits you hard but in a very good way because the honey scent smells so good. I love that how it makes your skin feel so soft and smell so good.

I love how this mask was made also because it came out of the package  so easily without tearing it and it was so easy to apply to my face.

 you have to leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes so that way to make sure that the honey would hit your face all over as will as below your chin.  I would love to get this as gifts for all the women in my family because this would be perfect for those days that they want to pamper themselves.

My skin is glowing now and it feels so soft and moisturized. I love how this makes me look now. I can have the confidence now to know that I can use this product without worrying if I am a going to break out or it wont work.

if you want more information I posted the link to the website up above or you may even want to purchase.

I received this product for free in exchange for my unbiased review.


Koodella Pet Deshedding Tool

My pets shed every year and it can be very aggravating because hair is on everything and it is hard to get off unless you have a let brush and with as much hair that is on everything you would have to constantly keep up with the lint roller.

This is an incredible device because what it does is removes the hair and they think that they are being petted because it does not even hurt them and that is always a very good thing. This product decreases cat & Dog Shedding by up to 90%.

I will keep this up every year or when they start shedding so that way we don’t have to worry about hair being every where.

you can find this product on Amazon for $39.99.

I reeived this product for free in exchange for my unbiased review.

Zoe + Ruth Thermometer For Oral, Rectal + Axillary Reading. FDA Approved.

Are you looking for a piece of mind? because your other thermometers don’t give you the right temperature when you need the most. 

We expect the best when it come to our loved ones because when they get sick we need to know right away and not have to worry if the temperature is right or not.

Ruth + Zoey has that promise that their Thermometer does exctly that. when you have a sick one then you should always count on Ruth + Zoey thermometer to give you the reading that you need right then and there. 

This theremometer has an adjustable tip that is soft and wont hurt you and is perfect for any age. You can use this oraly, Rectal and Axillary which is great to get that perfect reading that you need. 

I received this product for free in exchange for my unbiased review.

Gosh! Cross Plus Duo Protect Case For Iphone 5

This Iphone 5 case comes with simple desin yet modern made from polycarbonate material that is sturdy but also light weight. The design is perfect access to ports and buttons, allowing you to easily ensure that it will protect your Iphone. 

Cross Plus is constructed with dual component, which allows the back plate to be slotted in. The back plate protects your iphone from scratches and allows you to flaunt your well protected iphone.

Who doesn’t need a sleek , cool looking case for their Iphone. This one is it.

I received this for free in exchange for my unbiased review.

Exuma by Keel MicroFiber

When it comes to towels I am picky because a really bad towel can do many things like dry it a couple times and it is already falling apart or lint is coming off of it like crazy.

When I was asked to review this MIcroFiber Towel I didn’t give it a second thought because I love these typ of towels. when you use one for the first time you think that it wont do the job because it is thin but this one does the job.

It is a very good size so it is good rather you are at the pool, Lake or River. You can take it camping with you or on trips.

If you are active then you would really love this because all you have to do is wet this twel down and place it on your neck to cool you off. I love this because it helps me to cool off when I do yoga.

This towel is Super Absorben, Lint Free, Hypoallergenic, Washable, Chemical Free, Quick Drying, No Binders, and No Solvents.

This towel you have to hand wash it with soap ad then ring it out and put in dryer all by itself or hang it up outside, so that way it will last you a long time.

I received this product for free in exchange for my unbiased review.

Seventh Generation Diapers

Seventh Generation Diapers

When babys are comfortable , you know that you made the right decision to buy your diapers from generation good.

The untre-absorbant core is free from hormone bleaching, keeping your baby skin protected and dry. 

The diapers from seventh generation are hypoallergenic and free of dyes And fragrances. 


Bamoer Luxury Slender Rose Gold Plated Bracelet

BAMOER Luxury Slender Rose Gold Plated Bracelet

Original price: $14.99

Sale price: $12.99
This bracelet is dainty and a bit flashy, but perfect as a special gift or to wear for any occasion. This bracelet has a gold tone with pure white cubic zirconia stones that will be perfect for any outfit.

The one thing that caught my eye was how it laid on my wrist and it fit perfect bit any size wrist would be perfect because it comes with an extender for extra length.

When your outside you will notice how it sparkles when the sun hits it.
I received this for a deep discount in exchange for my unbiased review.​

Spritz’n Clean Phone System

Spritz’n Clean Phone System
Wipe away the smudges, grime and dirt on the screen of your mobile phone, tablet and technological devices with the Spritz’n Clean Phone System. The electric Ion master is a sleek device that delivers an ultra fine spray of tech clean cleansing mist. Wipe away the mist and daily grime with the silver infused microchamois. Spritz’n Clean leaves the surface of your device clean, buffed and sparkling.
*Electronic Ion mister with plush carry bag.

*2 oz. Tech clean cleansing mist.


*Cellphone cleansing pouch.

*4 AAA batteries included.

*Instruction flyer
I received this at a deep discount.​

Spritz’n Wipe

Spritz’n Wipe Simply Pure Toilet Paper Moisturizer

Spritz’n wipe is the original hands free toilet paper moistening system. It turns your own toilet paper into a clean, fresh and convenient wipe. No more flushing wipes down your toilet! Wipes can cause issues with your plumbing system and those of the municipality in your town.
*1-8 oz cartridges of Spritz’n Wipe Simply Pure formula.

*Safe for your septic or sewer system.

*Fast and easy to use.

*Installs easy in minutes.

*Better hygiene and more convenient than regular toilet paper.

*More economical than wipes, saves money.

*Environmentally friendlier than wipes.

*No harsh chemicals.

*Patent pending.
In my own words:

This is such a wonderful product to have around the house because all you do is put your toilet paper under it and that’s it, and it is so convenient and saves you money.
I received this product at a deep discount for my review



Do you have trouble sleeping at night?

ZzzQuil is here to help, this Non-Habit Forming  sleep aid is new from ZzzQuil.

ZzzQuil is no longer just about being sick but to help you get a healthy night of sleep.

I have a really hard time falling a sleep so i discovered ZzzQuil through Influenster when they sent me a sample and now I can get a good night sleep.

I received this free in exchange for my honest review.

#ZzzQuil for testing purposes